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Garden Maintenance

Keep your garden healthy and tidy in rain or shine

  • Reliable gardeners who will turn up on time
  • Garden maintenance plans keep gardens neat all the time
  • Tailored packages so choose only services you need
  • Reasonable prices for professional garden care

You have more important tasks to focus on than tending to the garden. Yet your garden speaks volumes about who you are and how you live or work. To guests, clients, and staff.

Where there’s grass, there’s watering and mowing. Where there’s a hedge, there’s overgrowth. And where there are weeds, there’s a need to kill them.

Garden maintenance

It can be a struggle to keep your garden from getting wild. You want your hedges, trees, and bushes to complement the rest of your garden, rather than attract unwanted attention.

We can regularly trim, cut, prune and chainsaw out-of-control trees and bushes. Keeping a tighter rein on them means they’ll look neater more often, and take less time (and cost) to maintain.

When you need that extra bit of help, we’re here for you:

Additional services:

Who uses our garden care services?

Just bought a house but don’t have experience to look after your big garden?

Prefer to spend spare time with your kids?

Looking for professionals to keep your corporate landscaping beautiful for visitors?

We look after large and small gardens for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

  • Body corporate
  • Investors
  • Residential
  • Commercial offices, shops, schools
  • Councils
  • Industrial

Commercial and Industrial: We are dedicated to creating stunning gardens that will look neat and tidy all year round - and leave the right impression on your customers and clients.

Residential: Let us do the hard work for you, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your garden with family and friends.

Whether you want to keep your garden neat all year round, or need a helping hand while you’re away on holidays, give us a yell.

About your gardeners

Anyone can call themselves a gardener. But as a premium garden service, we hire premium gardeners. That’s why we don’t just take on anyone in our team.

Your gardeners are knowledgeable and skilled. They work fast and clean. They know exactly how to kill weeds the first time using a range of methods such as spray, pull, and/or mulch. They spray weeds every 2 weeks to keep them from attacking your garden.

  • Careful selection
  • Strict quality assurance
  • Qualified and experienced foreman managing the job from start to finish
  • Certificates include Working with Heights, White Card, and First Aid
  • Staff trained in safe work procedures
  • Knowledgeable and skilled

The right equipment for every job

We’ve invested heavily in top-of-the-line gardening equipment to make it easy and quick to look after your garden, whether it’s large or small.

Utes and tip trucks

We have a range of utes and tip trucks in different sizes, including green waste removal trucks. Owning these vehicles means you have access to more services - faster - at good rates.


We have ride-on mowers and push mowers.

Our Hustler mowers have strong hydros, good engines and running gear so they’re powerful and cut down grass quickly and easily.

Unlike cheaper mowers, Hustler mowers are built in double or triple multidecks so they cut your grass cleanly - without messy cuttings strewn all over your lawn.

Instead, the mowers mulch at the same time, so your lawn grows back with all the nutrients it needs for a luscious, healthy lawn.

We own 3 sizes (44 inch, 48 inch, and 66 inch) to get your lawns mowed quickly and precisely every time.


We’ve had our trailers custom-made.

Open a side door and we have access to 3 snippers, a snipper ax, and a built-in ramp.

It’s fully enclosed to keep our gear out of the weather. It does more of what we want which means we can get your job done faster, better, and at a better cost to you.

I’ve had bad experiences with other gardeners. Why are you different?

As a family owned local business, we rely on reputation and happy customer referrals. We’ve been running since 2013. During that time, we’ve received constant positive feedback. 

  • Reliable: Expect us to turn up when we say we will. We respect your time.
  • Updates: So you’re kept in the loop and can easily plan your day
  • Insurance: For your peace of mind
  • Full garden service: You don’t need to lift a finger for a tidy, well-manicured garden

For us, the best feedback is asking us to return. We’re honoured when you ask us to regularly take care of your garden. To keep your garden weedless, neat, and healthy.

Expect us to treat your property and garden with the same high standard of care whether it’s big or small - or a residential, commercial, or industrial job. Every garden matters.

How can I trust that you’ll do a good job?

Our gardeners are precise and attentive on the job. To make sure the work runs smoothly, a foreman oversees every job from start to finish.

He is qualified, trained, experienced to plan the work, manage the team, inspect, and give final quality assurance. 

Your garden foreman is there to make sure your garden and property are carefully looked after during our time there. And that your garden looks exactly the way you want when we’re done.

The right machinery, equipment, and tools will be used to get great results quickly and easy.

Do you have insurance (in case you break anything)?

Yes. We have full insurance.

How much do your services cost?

Contact us for a chat about what services you need. We’ll tailor a value-for-money package that will get you a beautiful garden.

Who we help

We service domestic, commercial, and industrial properties such as:

  • Office gardens
  • Vacant blocks
  • Reserves and parkland
  • Sports grounds
  • Schools
  • Retirement villages
  • New developments
  • Homes

Body corporate

You can rely on us to meet your requirements list with a full gardening service, tailored specifically for your development. We realise it’s much easier to keep services in-house with a reliable, accountable, cost-friendly gardening team. Our services includes:

  • Hedging
  • Trimming
  • Whipper snipping
  • Washing out bins
  • Seed pods
  • Blowing common areas & courtyard
  • And more

If needed, we’ll provide clear photos and helpful notes with our invoices. 


When you’re interstate, it can be reassuring to know your gardening expense actually goes towards gardening. We’ll send you before and after photos of clean ups to give you peace of mind you’re getting value out of your investment.


We’ll work outside trading hours, such as from 7am or after 4pm, including Saturdays. And create a neat, well-cared-for garden that reflects the reputation of your business. All areas will be tended to quickly and with precision. 


You’re busy, with late hours. Maybe you have 2 jobs and only get to spend time with the kids on the weekends (mostly ferrying them around to soccer and tennis!).

Leave the gardening to us.

We’ll show up when we say we will, because we know punctuality and every minute counts in your busy life. And yes, we have full insurance, so you’re covered (it rarely happens but if we do break something, you can be sure we’ll pay for it).

Areas serviced

We service within 40kms from Palm Cove to Edmonton including:

  • Yorkeys Knob
  • Smithfield
  • Cairns
  • Redlynch
  • Portsmith

Garden care

  • Fast and punctual service for your convenience
  • Foreman oversees quality of your job
  • Full insurance for your peace of mind and protection
  • Custom regular maintenance packages to suit garden and budget needs

Let us keep your lawns & gardens looking luscious and healthy all year round

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